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A New Beginning

Here at The Crew Stop, we fully recognize the long-standing controversy about wearing gloves for rowing and the stigma against doing so, whether for sweep rowing or sculling. It’s easy to understand why — no glove on the market was truly designed for the sport. We have seen rowers attempt to prevent injury by wearing gloves designed for weight lifting, biking, golf, and even gardening(!)… the list goes on. None take into account the unique actions of the rower. In addition, athletic tape, foam tape, Band-Aids, and various wrapping techniques for keeping tape in place are all poor substitutions for a much needed solution.

Patented Design

After three years of development and field testing, the final design that incorporated the unique aspects of both sweep rowing and sculling was approved. We selected a material that is extremely lightweight with a lateral stretch (across the palm) to allow for a tight fit while preventing bunching. Feathering hands were treated with a silicone pattern to promote a positive grip where needed. The palm surface of the drive hand remains smooth to allow the handle to rotate freely. As an added benefit, the silicone grip prevents slipping when the oar handle gets wet. We deliberately left the fingertips open so as not to inhibit the feel of the oar.

The Future of Rowing

So many other sports take advantage of the protection gloves provide. No matter where you row or race, rowing gloves are completely legal for use in competition. It’s time to put the old way of thinking behind. If you’ve ever had blisters, you know how distracting they can be. Psychologically, when you are focused on acute soreness, the quality of your rowing is diminished. The result is a compromise. No matter how well we think we row, there is always room for improvement. Why let a blister get in the way of that?

Thousands of Hands Protected

Rowers from around the world have shared their stories with us and how much our gloves have helped enhance their overall rowing experience.

Experience the Difference

Improve your technique and prevent injury, no matter your sport or skill level. Discover which type of glove fits your needs.