Rowing Gloves for All Watersports

Improve your technique, prevent injury, row smarter.

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“The single best purchase I have made in my rowing career, by far, in thirteen years of rowing. Love these things.”

Gavin S.

Columbia University Lightweight Rowing

2018 IRA National Champion

  • Lightweight & Durable

    Experience uninterrupted training with a seamless transition to rowing and paddle gloves. They’re easier and faster than applying tape, machine-washable, and last for more than just one row.

  • Improved Grip & Oar Control

    Promote a secure grip on wet oar handles. Avoid soreness resulting from over-gripping. Variations in our grip design allow for enhanced control for both port and starboard side sweep rowing.

  • Maximum Hand Protection

    Protect your hands from painful blisters and prevent the possibility of infection. Build up callouses by wearing the gloves when you need them and opting for bare hands when you don’t.

  • Competitive Edge

    Focus on your technique instead of “toughing it out.” No matter where you row or race, rowing gloves are completely legal for use in competition. Excel above the rest when seconds matter.

Get the Upper Hand

The hand is crucial for so many types of activity. Why let the distraction of an injury impact your experience on the water?