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Modeled after our Sculler design with additional coverage on the fingers and an included pinky. A grippy palm on right and left hands.

Recreation Level Paddlers are our base model and recommended for lighter use.

Performance Level Paddlers are our upgraded model with enforced stitching and improved silicone.

  • Sizing
    Unisex Size Palm Circumference
    XX-Small 15 - 17cm
    X-Small 17 - 18.5cm
    Small 18.5 - 20cm
    Medium 20 - 21.5cm
    Large 21.5 - 23cm
    X-Large 23 - 25cm
    XX-Large 25cm +

    Measure the circumference of your palm at the widest point with your fingers outstretched.

    If you're on the border between two sizes and your fingers or wrists are thick, go with the larger size.

    Watch our sizing video below:

  • Materials & Care
    • Glove: 80% Polyester, 20% Polyurethane
    • Grip: Silicone
    • Thumb and Trim: 100% Nylon
    • Wrist Closure: Velcro
    • Blue elastic provides comfort for fingers and wrist closure

    Care instructions can be found on the label: Machine wash cold water, lay flat to dry.

    Velcro wrist straps should always be closed/secured when gloves are not in use or being washed to prevent warping, bending, and/or collection of debris.

    When machine washing the gloves, we recommend putting them in a delicates bag or one of our mesh glove bags to further extend their longevity.

  • Shipping

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    Check out our distributors to save on international shipping costs.

    Please note: The Crew Stop does not have control over import/customs fees, taxes, and duties. International customers may be charged upon delivery. Contact your selected shipping carrier to learn more.

  • Returns & Exchanges

    If your item does not fit, we can help you exchange it for a different size. If you would like to return your item, you can do so within 30 days of purchase and we will gladly refund your money. Exchanges and refunds are eligible as long as the item has not been used or worn.

    Please contact us for returns, exchanges, and questions about your purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

I paddle surfski and OC. While I don’t need these for any sessions up to 8 miles, for anything longer these are a lifesaver. They are also great to use while recovering from blisters .

Howard H.
Worth the wait

A fellow rower introduced me to the Crew Stop paddlers earlier this year, but they were not available until July. They arrived promptly after ordering and I am pleased with them


My wife and I got a water rower in the house for cardio training. These performance paddler gloves looks great and works really well. Planning to use them for some light weight trainings as well.

Super grateful for Paige from customer service in providing a different size gloves for me to compare and try out. Overall, I am very satisfy with the purchase and would recommend it to my friends.

Claudia Z.

My hands get very sweaty while on the rowing machine, feared losing my grip. The Paddlers helped so much. I can’t even tell if my hands got sweaty anymore. Crazy strong Velcro!

Emily W.



The gloves fit great. I use them for rowing not paddling though since the skulling gloves are on back order. The plastic grip strips tore off by the fourth practice. They are meant for light paddling as stated in the description before purchase. Even so they are still useful until I can replace my skulling gloves. I’m glad I have them for interim use. I give them 4 stars for what I am using them for but a paddler would probably be quite happy with them

J S.

Work very well for sculling.

Tyler M.

Rowing gloves par excellence and The Crew Stop provides customer service of the highest quality. I tried so many different gloves and the only ones that worked were a pair of utility gloves but they broke down after a few months. I finally ordered a pair of Paddlers (size M) after a shortage ended. I wish I ordered them a year ago as they have conferred protection from blistering calluses and paresthesias in my hands. After about a week of use the blue silicon started peeling. I wasn’t sure if it was a sizing issue or a defect so I contacted TCS to inquire. It appeared to be a rare defect so TCS made the exchange a breeze and allowed me to go up to a L size. The most difficult part of the exchange was having to give up the gloves for rowing but I received the new pair the same day I dropped the defective pair in the mail. My hands are thanking me for these gloves.

Mike S.

I am so glad I found these gloves. I like wearing gloves but never found a pair that were comfortable until now. The Paddlers are light and comfortable I dont even know I'm wearing them. I'm 58 and row my boat six miles daily anything to make the experience better is a plus. I also bought my Wife a pair for the rowing machine at the gym. I highly recommend these gloves.

David W.

I spent the past year training for an 80 mile endurance SUP event. One of the worst feelings on a paddleboard is when your lower hand slips down the shaft of the paddle. You lose all the power and effectiveness of the stroke you lose your rhythm and depending on water conditions you could easily lose your balance and fall in. A common way to combat that is to tape or wax the paddle shaft. Problem is that stuff can come off and with tape if it rolls it can cause much worse blistering than if the shaft was left clean. And high end paddles cost hundreds of dollars these days. I dont want glue or other gunk stuck to my paddle! The Crew Stop's Paddler's have been a perfect solution. Well designed with solid construction - no matter the conditions or how sweaty I am I never lose grip on the paddle I maintain full feel and connection with the paddle and zero blisters. Even on my 80 mile paddle! If you SUP get these. You'll be happy you did!